About the Indiana Agricultural Law Foundation

Indiana farmers operate in a complex legal environment. Federal, state and local laws, statutes and regulations present difficult challenges to Indiana agriculture. Navigating the legal landscape has become an essential facet of modern agriculture. Throughout its existence, INAgLaw has effectively promoted a better understanding of legal issues facing Indiana agriculture through educational programming, legal research and support of precedent-setting litigation.

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Fundraising and securing additional funds is a high priority for INAgLaw.


Legal research, education or support of litigation request that meet INAgLaw criteria.


Types of cases we support, more information in our annual reports.

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A variety of free education and training material are available for download.

Randy Kron

“We are extremely proud of the legislative successes Indiana Farm Bureau achieves through grass roots lobbying efforts. We also recognize the significance of being engaged in precedent-setting agricultural cases within our judicial system and the impact those cases have on Indiana agriculture. Agriculture faces increasing challenges from governmental entities and interest groups opposed to production agriculture – a trend that will likely continue. The Indiana Agricultural Law Foundation was created by Indiana Farm Bureau to clarify the law and ensure that the voice of Indiana agriculture is heard in our judicial system.”

Randy Kron, IFB President
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