Our goal is to support specific litigation that will clarify the law under which a farmer operates. Support may come in the form of paying a portion of legal fees incurred in a particular case, or through the preparation of an amicus curiae brief (brief filed with the presiding court supportive of the agricultural perspective as applied to the particular case). Research of a specific agricultural law issue may also provide assistance to a farmer’s counsel. Also, if the farmer does not have an attorney, INAgLaw may assist in locating counsel with knowledge in the legal area at issue.

  • Present precedent-setting legal questions to Indiana agriculture.
  • Present questions of law generally applicable to Indiana agriculture rather than factual disputes.
  • Are at the appropriate litigation stage, preferably at the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court level.
  • Are approved by the advisory committee and board of directors.
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Representative Cases

INAgLaw is not the attorney of record in a supported case and does not provide specific legal advice.